Für die ausländischen Paare

 Un aller Familie Kind!

Our Centre has been working with international couples for many years (2000-2017) and on the basis of this longstanding experience perfect and multilateral service conditions have been developed in the Center. Our Center has an experience of working with couples from France, Italy, Germany, USA, Greece, Spain, Turkey and other countries.

Some international couples arriving at our Center simultaneously plan their holiday in our country since winter and summer resorts (Gudauri, Borjomi, Batumi…) are very popular in Europe presently.

The steps of the program with surrogacy and egg donation :

a) The Couple informs us of their arrival date 5 days earlier by email.

b) The Couple travels to Georgia. Our Centre’s representative can meet the couple at the airport/hotel any time (24/7) and bring to the hotel or our centre. 

c) The consultation/interview in our Center is free of charge.

d) The Couple talks to their future reproduction doctor and embryologist and in case of a need provide sperm for freezing and storage.

e) Selection of candidates,making a contract between the Center and the Couple.

A couple has a right to get acquainted with not only the surrogate mother but also with the egg donor. 

After the contract is signed and the amounts required for financing the process are transferred into the relevant bank accounts, medical procedures on a Surrogate mother and an Egg donor will begin. 

2) The processes without the couple's attendance: Egg donation, Fertilisation, Embryo transfer, Pregnancy care.

3) The Couple's second visit in Georgia - for the time of childbirth!

Note: The birth certificate will be issued immediately after the child's birth, within 1 day. The Couple will be registered as parents in the birth certificate.

Our Centre does not serve:

a)    Single men;

b)    Homosexual couples (the Georgian legislation does not recognize homosexual marriages);

Our surrogates and donors are Caucasians and come from different ethnic backgrounds (Georgians, Armenians, Russians, Ossetians...).

The age of potential surrogates varies from 20 to 35 years-old while the age of egg donors is between 20 to 30 years-old. All our surrogates and donors have their own children. Most surrogates are married, husbands of whom fully understand and agree with their wife’s decision.

The couple will select potential egg donor candidate by photos.

Advantages of our surrogate mothers:

1. Prior to confirmation of pregnancy our surrogate mothers request from the couple to reimburse only the transportation costs required to reach the place of the medical procedures and the costs of expended working time, which in total makes up 200 USD at most.

2. Upon the confirmation of pregnancy, compensation and expenses of the surrogate mother does not exceed USD 15000  during the pregnancy period and after the birth of a child (post-natal rehabilitation period). The major part of the surrogate mother’s compensation (12600 USD) shall be paid in the post-natal rehabilitation period.

3. Our Centre selects only those surrogate mothers and egg donors who have children, made decision about surrogacy and donation several months ago, have a stable character and are punctual and responsible persons.
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Also Contact us:

Tel.:+995 599 69 12 12 (English, Greek, Russian, Georgian)


The closest hotels to our Centre location:


Nearest hotel (distance 300 meter or 0.18 miles) : " White House " 

Price: Double room with breakfast - 50 USD

address: 12 Davit Rondeli str., Digomi, Tbilisi, Georgia

Phone: +995 32 252 00 99

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Another hotels:

 Taxi fare from the hotels to our Medical Centre – 1,5 USD

 Taxi fare from the hotel to our Medical Centre – 2 USD

 Taxi fare from the hotel to our Medical Centre – 2,5 USD


Another hotels: 


Our location:



Place-Digomi Massive


Сourtyard- Iashvili Clinic, Gagua Maternity Hospital, Georgian-British Centre for Donation and Reproduction.

Closest Metro - “Didube”

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