Legislacion de Georgia

Según la legislación georgiana ni la donante de óvulos, ni la madre subrogada tienen derechos sobre el bebé. El día de nacimiento del bebé la pareja será registrada como sus padres y para eso no es necesario tener el permiso de la madre sustituta.

Since 1997 ovum and sperm donation and surrogacy is legal in Georgia. According to the law a donor or surrogate mother has no parental rights over the child born.
You can see Laws of Georgia on Surrogacy on the website of the Parliament of Georgia.

 The laws are in Georgian.
Law of Georgia “On Health Protection”
Article 143. Extracorporeal fertilization (IVF) is allowed:
a) For the purpose of treatment of infertility, as well as in case of risk of transmission of genetic disease on a wife’s or a husband’s part, by using sex cells or an embryo of the couple or a donor, if the couple’s written consent has been obtained.
b) If a woman has no uterus, for the purpose of transfer and growth of the embryo obtained as a result of fertilization to the uterus of another woman (“surrogate mother”). The couple’s written consent is obligatory.
The couple is considered to be parents in case of the childbirth with the responsibility and authority ensuing from it. A donor or a “surrogate mother” has no right to be recognized as a parent of the born child.
Article 144.
For the purpose of artificial fertilization it is possible to use female and male sex cells or an embryo conserved by the method of freezing. The time of conservation is determined according to the couple’s will by established procedure.

Legislacion de Georgia

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