Guaranteed Surrogacy & donation

Guaranteed Surrogacy & donation

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Child in every family! - Ребенок в каждой семье! - ყველა ოჯახში ბავშვი! - 让每个家庭都有孩子!

Georgian-British Centre for Donation and Reproduction


Our Medical Centre advantages:

♦ Childbirth or 100% money refund - Surrogacy + Egg donation program with a guarantee. Unlimited attempts of IVF, Egg donation  and Surrogacy + pregnancy care for fixed price.

♦ Own database of Surrogate mothers and Egg Donors.
♦ Low and fixed prices, no hidden fees.
♦ Success rate with one attempt: 80% (egg donation+surrogacy).
♦ Non anonymous egg donors, Donor’s DNA testing is allowed. The Couple can meet with the Donor and with the surrogate mother.

Note: The surrogate mother and egg donor has no parental rights ( Law of Georgia “On Health Protection”)

♦ Egg donation with unlimited quantity of eggs.
♦ In the country , the first babies by means of using the surrogate motherhood method were born as the results of our work.
♦ Our doctors – with 25 years experience in the field, which consists of highly qualified professionals with a leading position in the country and the whole Caucasus.
♦ Our experience: 2000-2024
♦ Personal Doctor service for the surrogate mother.
♦ Free consultations till the contract conclusion with the patients.
♦ Contact languages: Georgian, English, Russian.

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