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The best option we have to offer the couple is the surrogacy services with guarantee: Childbirth or 100% money-back condition (program #3).

Our Surrogacy programs:

Program #1 (ordinary program) – IVF (ICSI) with surrogacy (1 fresh and 2 frozen ET attempts). See the page "PRICES".

Program #2 (ordinary program) – IVF (ICSI) with egg donation and surrogacy (1 fresh and 2 frozen attempts). See the page "PRICES".

Program #3 (program with a guarantee) – Unlimited attempts of IVF/ICSI, Egg donation and Surrogacy for fixed price (All- inclusive). See the page "PRICES".

Program #5 (ordinary program) – Surrogacy with frozen embryos transported from abroad. See the page "PRICES"

Note: Surrogate mother's additional compensation in case of twins: 3000 USD.


Each of our surrogate mothers is provided with a personal doctor. The personal doctor is responsible, in whole surrogacy process. The contact (Phone/Viber/We chat/WhatsApp) between the doctor and surrogate mother, as well as the doctor and the couple is available at any time.

Additional information: The age of potential surrogates varies from 20 to 35 Years old. All our surrogates have their own children. Most of them are married.
The couple has a right to meet with their potential surrogate mother. The surrogate’s passport data will be written in the contract.
The surrogate mother has no parental rights. It’s declared in the Georgian legislation. Our Centre selects only those surrogate mothers who made the surrogate motherhood decision several months ago, have a stable character, are punctual and responsible persons.

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