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მომავალი მშობლებისთვის


for intended parents

Travel plan for international patients (IVF+Surrogacy+Egg donation):
The first travel to Georgia – 2-3 days:

a)Taxi services (Airport-Hotel-Clinic);
b) Free of charge appointment with the doctors;
c) Medical examinations, sperm freezing;
d) Contracts conclusion;
e) Donor’s/Surrogate’s Choosing.

Second travel to Georgia:

Fertilization, Embryo transfer, Pregnancy care – without the couple’s attendance. The birth certificate with the couple’s names (data) and within 1-3 days after the childbirth.

Our medical center does not serve:

a) Single men (not accepted via the Georgian legislation);
b) Homosexual couples (not accepted via the Georgian legislation);
c) Couples without the medical indications for surrogacy and egg donation (not accepted via the Georgian legislation).

Contact languages: Georgian, English, Russian.

Email: info@surrogacy.ge

Tel./Viber/WhatsApp: +995 599121269

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