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კვერცხუჯრედის დონაცია


Egg donation conditions:

a) Non-anonymous egg donors;
b) Unlimited quantity of eggs.

Additional information:

Our Donors are Caucasians from the different origin (Georgians, Russians, Armenians, Ossetians…).
The age of potential egg donor varies from 20 to 30 Years old. All our donors has their own children.
The couple will select a potential egg donor candidate by photos and other data. The photos are from the real candidates and the couple has a right to meet with the chosen 2-3 candidates. The Donor’s passport data will be written in the contract. The DNA testing between the donor and the child is allowed already.

The donor has no parental rights, it’s declared in the Georgian legislation. Our Centre selects only those egg donors who have their own children, made the decision about donation several months ago, have a stable character and are punctual and responsible persons.

Egg donation price:

IVF (ICSI) with Egg donor and medications – See  the page "PRICES", program #4 .

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